Clinical Research Committee

The Clinical Research Committee of the Instituto de Corazón de Querétaro SA de CV, is a group of individuals who work together; made up of medical personnel, researchers and health professionals, psychology, nursing, philosophy and law, among others, as well as representatives of the nucleus of people affected or users of health services; whose function is to review the methodological aspects of research studies in humans as well as to issue resolutions, approvals and constant observation of the research protocols that are carried out in accordance with the principles of research, research ethics and biosafety that dictates the medical lex artis and in accordance with the Mexican legal-sanitary framework to protect the dignity of the people subject to investigation and preserve their health and well-being; in addition to being attentive to possible abuses. The Clinical Research Committee has the values ​​of integrity, quality, teamwork, personal development, capacity for change, creativity, warmth and understanding. Likewise, the Research Committee is autonomous, institutional, multidisciplinary, plural and consultative.

Research Ethics Committee

It is an institutional, autonomous support body that has been created according to the regulations dictated by the General Health Law of Mexico, to ensure the safety and protection of the rights of human beings who are subjects of investigation.

In addition to reviewing, evaluating and ruling on all documents such as: Research Protocol, Informed Consent, Investigator’s Manual, Materials to deliver to patients, Adverse Reports, placing full emphasis on Informed Consent.


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Instituto de Corazón de Querétaro 2018.